10 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online|How to Make Money Online (November 2022)

nowadays it is very easy to make money online you just need a phone or a laptop and Internet connection. Today I’m gonna tell you how you can make $100 or more with your mobile phone and laptop. Here I’m gonna tell you 10 easiest ways to earn passive income and later on this can be your main business.

There is two type of income one is active income and another is passive income.

Active income. Active income means you get paid for your work and the day you stop working you don’t get paid Or you have to work in order to earn money that type of income is called active income. For example, salary, tips , allowances from the companies.

Passive income

Passive income means you don’t have to stay active in work but you still get paid and 90% rich people had created the ways of passive income for example, Rent the property , affiliate marketing, earning interest , royalty income

Here I’m gonna tell you both the ideas of passive income and active income

10. Dropshipping store

dropshipping is the best way to earn Money online this business model is totally online where you create a online store and sell the product to the customer This business model does not require high investment it is very simple you can create an online store on different platforms like Shopify, wix and WooCommerce. Here you don’t even have to buy the products you are the middle man and you get paid for every single purchase from your store.Your manufacture handles everything from production to shipping. And you can earn millions of rupees from it. There are many videos on youtube to learn some basics of dropshipping and you can start makinmh money just with in a week.


Fiver is a online platform where you can earn money easily just buy working 2-3 hours or less per day. It is more like a active income but here you can earn good amount of money.

Fiver is a freelance base platform where you can earn buy selling your skills For examples if you love writing then you can list here and you will get paid for it. And money depends on your level 0of work here you can start earning from right the day 1. skills you can sell here, content writer, musician, voice over, photo editing and there is many more skills you can sell here.

8. online teaching or courses

It is one of the best ways to earn passive and active both incomes with easiest way. If  you are a good at anything then you can teach others and earn money from it. Here you just have to make some videos of anything you are good at that can be anything for example you are a good cook here you can create a course or you know video editing still you can convert your knowledge in cash. After making the videos then list it on the websites like udemy, kajabi and  podia. Whenever anyone will buy the course you will get paid for it.

7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means selling the products of companies with your reference here you will earn some commission every time when someone buy a product from your affiliate link. There is many websites and market places which offers good amount of money on every product you sell clikbank is one of the high commission platform. There are many platform which offers affiliate marketing for example amazon, clikbank, upwork, etc.

6. publish a eBook

Amazone had made it simple to write a ebook and publish it easily. Just by one click you can reach billions of people. You just have to write a book under some rules you can find it on youtube and google. Think a name people searching for the most and write the book around that topic and hire a ghrapic designer from fiver just for $5 to $50 amd then publish your book.

Concentrate on marketing strategies that have been shown to draw clients if you want to increase ebook sales. For instance, you may provide the first few complimentary copies of your book. By getting some reviews and generating buzz on social media, you can attract clients by using social proof. Influencer marketing and video campaigns are additional powerful ebook promotion techniques.

5. Become a content writer

More businesses are looking for writers who can fill their web properties with quality content as interest in content marketing grows. Focusing on a certain area is the key to becoming a successful writer. Many writers attempt to be generalists by writing in a variety of genres, from tech to gastronomy. However, specialising in a certain area as a writer lets you stand out and makes it simpler to draw customers from your target demographic. A different viewpoint can be added to a piece of information when you have experience in the field. That implies that you’re not merely expressing what every other internet writer is saying. And that’s what companies are actually willing to pay for: your opinions, encounters, and insider knowledge of a particular market. Send suitable example writings to the recruiter when submitting a writing job application. Send someone a sample of your marketing writing if they ask for one. Not a financial piece, please. Or a workout one. If a hiring manager cannot view an appropriate sample, they will struggle to determine how well you comprehend the niche’s sector. Apply for positions that match your qualifications and experience.

4. Translator

Since there is less competition in the niche market of translation than in other niche markets, it is considered to be underserved. You must be proficient in at least two languages if you want to take

advantage of the opportunity. This could be a fantastic money-making option for you to try out if you are multilingual or majored in a widely used language in school. You’ll need to provide evidence of your translation skills. Make sure to emphasise any language training or experience you may have translated texts in your portfolio or resume. The majority of employers will demand that you pass a translation test, and you are not permitted to use any translation aids while taking the test.


3. selling photos

A fantastic location for photographers is the internet. You may sell images online as a photographer whether you’re using the most recent iPhone or Canon DSLR. Through your online store, you may sell prints of your most well-liked images, saving you from having to pay fees or commissions to third-party platforms. However, that is just one source of revenue. Additionally, you may collaborate with a company like Printful to have your images printed on apparel, phone cases, pillows, and other items. Printful won’t get any money from you until your product is sold. Additionally, you can sell your photographs to internet stock photo services like 500px and Alamy. You can upload specific photographs for free to websites like Burst if you’re a new user.

2. Narrate audiobook

You just have to record audio by reading a book and this is one of my fav. Gig here you can do this work on freelance basis and on full time job. There are many organisation which offers a job for narrating the audiobooks.

1. create products

If you are a creative person you can create some custom products like t shirts, hoodies, and even modifications on shoes and this one of the best for creative peoples and later on you can sell this products online and even on offline stores to small retailers.

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