10 Best stocks Strategies for beginners| How a beginners should invest in stocks?

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1.Greed and fear

Warren buffet always says be fearful when market is greedy and be greedy when market is fearful

This is a long term investing strategies. Don’t buy when everyone is buying just in greed that time you should be fearful means you should sell your share according to the profit but don’t buy the shares because whenever market goes up in short time then soon market will crash so sell your shares as soon as possible at a good price. Now when to buy the shares. Always buy the shares when everyone is in fear means now market is down so people are in fear but now you should get greedy and buy as much share you can. Now you will get shares at very reasonable price.

2.Holding period

Once a men asked warren buffett what is your holding period warren buffett replied forever

Means whenever you invest in stock market you should give time to the market so market will bring you profit. Always whenever you invest in share market always invest in a long term. So you will not lose your patience and you will be always in profit

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3.Don’t buy the share always buy the company

This is best investment strategy means whenever you are buying shares of any company just think the way you are buying a company. Check out all the fundamentals of company. Because when you buy the share of any company it means now you are the owner of that company so research for company like you are the owner.

4.Never invest in a business you don’t understand

This statement means if you don’t understand the business don’t go for it. If you don’t understand the basics of that business so don’t invest in that company because you if you don’t know about particular business it means you can not predict how this company will perform in future.

5.Aggressive investor and defensive investor

This is Popular investment strategy. Aggressive means taking higher risks for higher profit. But there is no safety in aggressive market. Aggressive investor always think to take the advantage of growing market but there is high risks.

Don’t trade aggressively. On the other side defensive investor means investing the money with protection.

Always earns money with protection and gets higher rate of return by understanding the market not looking at the market

6.Find the value

God of the share market warren buffet says always buy the shares when value is less then business and sell at high value

This means if value of the business is higher then its share then buy it and when value of the share is higher then its business sell it. This is the best rule to always earn profit in share market.

7.Divide your portfolio

If you are new investor then this tip is the best tip for you. Never invest your all money in one company Always divide the portfolio in industries and companies of the industry

For example invest in 5 different industries and pick the best two companies of every industry this will keep your money safe and if any of the company doesn’t give the good return then other 9 companies will cover the loss. This is one of the best strategy ever.

If you follow this step then you will be always be in profit.

8.If you like the product you will love the share

See what kind of things you are using in your daily life and see what type of the products are ruling the market. For example apple company. You will find in USA every 2nd person is using iPhone. it means people love the product. If quality of the product is high then returns will also be high of the share. You must check its share and read about the company and invest in that company.

And earn the profit.

9.Buy the quality

This is one of the best strategy to invest your money.

Always buy the quality not the quantity. Sometimes people run after the penny stocks to have more quantity but one quality share will give you high return then 10 penny stocks. So purchase the high quality share and high quality of the company.

10.Don’t believe the news

Warren buffet says don’t believe on the news. Most of the time news are noise. Always trust on company and do your own research and see what is going inside the company . what is the reaction of the company about the news. What are the action company taking for the negative news and ;ositive news.

This were the 10 best strategies for a beginner in stock market.

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